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Violet Ch.2 (Zeki)

Pairing: Zero/Yuuki (also called Zeki)
Rating: Pg-13 (Not really any sexual-ish emotions implied in this chap so...hah!)
Summary: takes place just after Vampire Knight Guilty, mostly just about Yuuki and Zero coming back together after being away for a year
Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight, or its characters…Don't claim to, never have.
Warning: I've read the manga up until chapter 63 so if you haven't…there might be a few minor spoilers! However, if you watched all of the anime, (I did that too!) then you shouldn't really have any issues... 
A/N: This is from my FanFiction.net account, but I'm putting it here too.

Chapter 1

-Yuuki's P.O.V.-
I can't take this anymore.

I need to see him…I need to see Zero. I'm always so bored…which doesn't turn out well. When I'm bored, I'm usually alone. And when I'm alone, I don't have anything to distract myself from Zero.

I…need him. I just can't do this. Not anymore. So I'm just going to find him. No matter how long I have to keep on searching…I'll find him. I have to. If he doesn't want me, well that's fine too. I'll just let him kill me. Whatever he wants- it's all him.
Everything…Everything is you now Zero.

I'm ready now, I've decided. Even if it means leaving Kaname behind. My heart aches at the thought. It took a long time for me to decide who…but I've chosen. Kaname has always been in the shadows, helping me form behind the scenes. But…he's still like a brother to me. What I worry about most is what he said that day…I can't get it out of my head.

"Yuuki…If you ever want to leave- I won't stand in your way."


"And…if you want me to die, I want it to be by your hands."

"What? What are you talking about? How could I…Why would I want something like that! Tha-"

He gives a bittersweet smile. As his hyacinth breath caresses my face, I see the sorrow in his eyes, the miserable upturn of his 'smile'. No, it's not a smile. If you pay it no mind- then perhaps you'll mistake it for one-but you would be a fool say it was a smile. Love shines in his eyes though…so maybe it could be taken as one.

"Yuuki…if you ever leave me…" He pauses, still staring at me. He sighs softly, and I close my eyes, breathing in his scent. Hyacinth. How bizarre…it must be a vampire thing, because last time I checked, people...vampires don't just smell like flowers

"I will die." My heart thumps, and I widen my eyes.

"That's…not right. You can live just fine without me! I-"

"No Yuuki. I will die."

I close my eyes, shaking my head and sighing. I have to leave though. He loves me…loves me so much. I can tell. So I'm sure it breaks his heart to see that I don't truly want to be with him.

I am killing him. Just slowly…slowly. Torturing him bit by bit. Slicing him open with my knife gently, dragging it across his skin.
At least this way…I'll just be plunging it into his heart, shredding it with maddening glee. Over. It will all be over for him, but at least he won't have to wonder. He won't have to worry.

It's for the better, isn't it? No, that's not important. Even if I just assume that it is better for him, that's not why I'm doing this. It's because I'm selfish. Doing this all for myself. But I have to do, truly I feel like I will die. Now I truly understand what Kaname meant that time. But at least in my case, if I get denied, he will kill me. He promised…He promised! He has to!

I can't wait…until he kills me. That moment when his eyes are trained on me… oh god. My throat burns and I have to stop running because I'm gasping for air. It will…all be…over soon. I content myself with that thought and continue running through the forest. The first place I'm going to go is Cross Academy. Hopefully, he'll be there. And if he isn't…well I'll get to see the Chairmen again. To be honest I've kind of missed him.

I sigh sadly as I think about it…then I replay my previous thoughts in my head and my eyes widen. I can't wait…until he kills me. I really…am going crazy. For Zero. Only for Zero. I really would do anything for him. If he told me to sit and wait for him, I would never leave. As the years passed and I had already accepted that he didn't want me- he was never coming back- I would still stay. Just because he wanted me to.

Anything…anything for you Zero. I smile that bitter smile, that same one that Kaname had that one day, and hope. I want Zero to accept me, and if he doesn't, then I want…no, I need him to kill me. If he doesn't- then I'll try to get some other vampire hunter to do it. Because…
I can't take this anymore.

I rest for the night and after a few more days of this, this endless walking/running/wishing I finally reach the academy. And standing at the fountain is…Zero. My eyes widen and he turns around. His eyes meet mine, and in a split instant he whips the Bloody Rose out.
So…this is how it's going to be huh? That's…oh god. It just hurts so much. But if this is what Zero wants…then I must let him.

My throat feels like Satan himself lit it on fire. I gasp, collapsing on the ground, my eyes glowing red. I guess I had been thinking too much of myself when I thought that I could keep from drinking Zero's blood but…at this rate I'm not so sure. My breathing comes out as ragged pants and my fingers claw at the ground.
I don't look up, because I don't want him to see. These glowing red eyes…truly those of a demon. Human…I'm not human. My heart quivers at this and I hear footsteps.
"Why are you here Yuuki?" He asks, calmly and evenly. His gun gently presses against my head and I finally look up. His violet eyes bore into my heated red ones.
Those violet eyes…

Btw, I don't plan for this to be something ultra long that really is just getting drug out and gets boring. Depending on how long they are, probably only 2-4 more chapters!
Please Comment, and thank you for reading!

Chapter 3

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