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Violet Ch.3 (Zeki)

Pairing: Zero/Yuuki (also called Zeki)
Rating: R (sort of, I mean it's implied that she's feeling sexual emotions for Zero so...I guess this? IDK)
Summary: takes place just after Vampire Knight Guilty, mostly just about Yuuki and Zero coming back together after being away for a year
Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight, or its characters…Don't claim to, never have.
Warning: I've read the manga up until chapter 63 so if you haven't…there might be a few minor spoilers! However, if you watched all of the anime, (I did that too!) then you shouldn't really have any issues... Implied sexual...ness. 
A/N: This is from my FanFiction.net account, but I'm putting it here too.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Alright, so first, we're going to rewind things a bit, and look into Zero…


Yuuki…Damn it. Why the hell won't you leave me alone? You're not even here! And yet…still…

I shake my head, dispelling thoughts of her. Or, at least, try to. It doesn't work very well. All those times…all those moments. She was right there, but I pushed her away. Held myself away from her, fearing she would realize that I was a monster.

Ironic, isn't it?

Now who's the monster?

Now who's the one afraid to show their face?

Now look who can't be trusted.


You were the monster, the demon the whole time. I spent so much time shattering myself within the darkness, and it was all for naught. None of it mattered. All that effort and time put into keeping you alive, safe, happy, human. It was worthless.

Keeping you alive? Well I'm the one who's going to end you.

Keeping you safe and happy? I'm not there to do that, you decided that Kaname would take care of that, didn't you?

Keeping you human? …there are no words. Nothing for this.

Did I fail? Or was I doomed from the start? I guess I really am just a pawn…But whose? Am I yours, or am I Kaname's?

I give out a bitter laugh, as I begin walking to class. After everything that happened, I just came back. Ready to live out monotony. But now…what's this I'm hearing? 'Yuuki is back' they say?

Why does it hurt so much, yet feel so amazing at the same time? I…I don't understand.


Let's take it back to where we left off at the end of the last chapter...

-Zero's P.O.V.-

I see her on the ground, gasping for air as if she's dying. Her fingers are scraping the grown uselessly, and her face is covered by her long tresses. I take a deep breath, gulping. Here we go…It's all over now.

"Yuuki." I call to her, my voice calm and level. She doesn't look up. Hiding yourself, even when you know the truth…I know the feeling. But a demon such as you cannot be allowed to exist. And I never break a promise.

"Why are you here Yuuki?" It sounds more like a statement than a question. I take steps towards her, my heart pounding all the while. I can barely keep my breathing even, and I feel like it's a death march.

I press my gun, the Bloody Rose, against her head…gently. Far too gently. I stare intently down at her, wishing I could read her thoughts. After a few moments, finally, finally, she looks up. I can't breathe. I can't think. Her gleaming rose-colored eyes that reflect all her pain, sorrow, and hunger seem to bore into my soul.

There are no words for this.

-Yuuki's P.O.V.-

The longer I stare into those eyes, the more I want to look away. I want to go back…not to Kaname though…That's the one thing that I can't do. I want to go back to before I was a…vampire. Yes, that's what I am. There is nothing that I can do to change this. But I can't bear to look into those blue tinted red eyes of his.(1) So I cower away, I look down. I can't even speak, and all I can think about is Zero, and his gun lightly pressing against my skull.

After a moment of tense silence, he speaks in an emotionless tone. "Well?" The gun pushes harder, to the point where it becomes a little uncomfortable.

His question…what was his question? Why am I here? Because…Because I need you Zero. I can't do this anymore. I need you, even if you kill me…Well at least I'll know that I died by your hands.

"…I can't do this anymore." I look back up at him, my demon eyes making contact with his.

-Zero's P.O.V.-

Her eyes stab me as if they were the devil's personal pitchforks. A demon, a vampire, that's all she is. But…aren't I being a bit hypocritical? Doesn't this mean…I'm a demon too? Yes, I established that years ago. I'm the demon hunter from hell. Ironic, isn't it?

Irony…everything seems ironic to me. Everything seems bittersweet. But…this is Yuuki. And…she…needs me. Doesn't she? If she didn't, then she wouldn't be looking at me with such hunger in her eyes…

"Why…are your eyes glowing so much." I narrow my eyes, trying to intimidate her into telling the truth.

"I…Because…" she sighs, looking down again, then takes a deep breath. "Because I need you. Kaname's blood…just doesn't satisfy me." She refuses to look at me.

…She drank Kaname's blood. She tried to replace me with him. Never mind that it didn't work, she thought that I could be replaced? And of all people…by Kaname.

Without realizing it, I'd knocked her over, with me laying on top of her. One hand was around her throat in a death grip, the other was pushing the gun into her head. She gasped, wincing from the pressure on her head. Her eyes seemed to grow more red and she just looked at me, mouth agape.

This is it. The end. I glare at her as harshly as ever, and start to pull the trigger.

-Yuuki's P.O.V.-

It hurts. It hurts a lot. Not just my throat, which was already on fire, but now has the added pain of feeling like its being crushed. Not just the gun smashing itself into my skull. No, those things only make it worse. Zero…he really hates me. That glare…if I wasn't about to die, I would never be able to get it out of my head. Such hatred, isn't it my fault? It is all because of me that Zero knows what such hate feels like? Probably.

But then, my eyes start to glow even more, and I feel an odd, powerful sensation overtake me.


I can't even control it. And the bloodlust grows, until it's all I can think about. All coherent thought leaves me.

Blood. There it is. The only blood I need. So now, I must take it.

-Zero's P.O.V.-

A feral, wicked, grim look marches it's way onto Yuuki's face. And before I know it, my gun is gone. Now, I'm the one on my back, with Yuuki on top of me. The look on her face…it's as if she's all instinct. A lot like those level E vampires, but a little different. She's so animalistically focused on me, that my breath catches in my throat. My heart beats faster, and then my breath starts to become shaky and…frightened. I'm scared of Yuuki.

"Yuuki, get off of me." I try to sound calm and forceful, but it doesn't come out that way. Instead, it sounds shaky.

It's like I didn't say anything. She presses her lips to my neck, and I stiffen.

"Y-Yuuki…what? Get…Get. Off." I try to sound as angry at possible, and begin to struggle. But she's much too strong.

She slowly licks up from my collarbone to the corner of my jaw. I shudder and give an intake of breath. It feels…good. It's so bad, but it feels wonderful at the same time. Is this how Yuuki felt when I used to drink her blood?

Drink. Her. Blood.

Just the thought, the memory of it, makes my eyes flash red. They glow brightly as I watch her press her lips to my neck again. I swallow in anticipation, she opens her mouth, curls her lips back, and touches her fangs to my neck. Just as she is about to sink her teeth in, her eyes widen and she jumps back.

I am barely able to suppress a groan of disappointment.

-Yuuki's P.O.V.-

I bolt upright just in time. I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't control myself… I cover my mouth with my hands and look into Zero's now red eyes with my own.

"…Zero…" I stare at him in horror. "Oh my God…Zero…I'm…I'm so sorry! I…" I look down, and begin to get off of him. But his hand reaches out to stop me. I slowly turn back to him and tilt my head to the side in confusion. His eyes that now glow almost as bright as mine just make it harder. The bloodlust bubbles to the surface and I gasp, trying to keep it from taking over.

"If a vampire takes blood without asking, they are subject to death." he tells me, but I already know this. So why…? I swallow nervously, still trying to keep myself from jumping him and sucking out his very life.

"However, you are already sentenced to death by my hand, aren't you?" An almost feral tone creeps into his voice. I stare at him warily.

"I however, am not. We aren't even, now are we?" He pulls me close and I feel his breath on my neck. My eyes are wide and I can't help but shudder. Is he trying to torture me? Because if he is, he's doing an amazing job of it. He touches his lips to my neck, and I begin to tremble.

And then, before I can say anything, he bites down.


(1)-They're purple. I don't know if that was confusing but…they're purple right there.

Thanks for reading, please comment!

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