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Hi My name is Cieltsuki and Foster the People makes me dance.


I was looking through this journal that I had to keep for school in 6th grade, and in the back I had written this:

How a chocolate bar risked its life for a glass of milk

...wtf. I really want to know why I wrote that...

Oh and I got my tickets in the mail for the Panic! at the Disco concert in Austin yesterday. woot woot so excited! 10/19/11 is going to be the best day of my life, I can feel it. :D


Violet Ch.6 (Zeki)

Rave dancing

 Imagine if Brendon Urie danced like this. Ok that is all.

Just my unedited little drabble.


Violet Ch.5 (Zeki)

I haven't posted on this thing in forever...then again, I highly doubt anyone even reads it. I don't even really know what LJ is for...I guess some people use it kind of like an online diary? I know lots of people use it for their fics. I guess maybe people just like talking to people, and if it's the internet...well you can hide then. Internet tough guys :P
Do people have like, internet besties or something? 
It's 2:37 AM and I have to leave for school in at 8. I can't sleep, I've been trying for 2 hours.
I don't know what is wrong with me...
I need to sleep. But I can't. Ugh this is so frustrating, which makes it even harder to sleep!


Violet Ch.4 (Zeki)