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Violet Ch.4 (Zeki)

Pairing: Zero/Yuuki (also called Zeki)
Rating: R (Vampire blood-sucking is a kink...Also, sexual implications again)
Summary: takes place just after Vampire Knight Guilty, mostly just about Yuuki and Zero coming back together after being away for a year
Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight, or its characters…Don't claim to, never have.
Warning: I've read the manga up until chapter 63 so if you haven't…there might be a few minor spoilers! However, if you watched all of the anime, (I did that too!) then you shouldn't really have any issues... Implied sexual...ness. Blood-sucking. Cursing
A/N: This is from my FanFiction.net account, but I'm putting it here too.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

--------------------------------------------------Yuuki's P.O.V.------------------------------------------------
And then, before I can say anything; he bites down.
I gasp, my head tilting back and I hear a moan. It takes me far too long to realize that it was me.
"Z-Zero!" I can barely manage to choke it out. "What...What are you..."
He slowly sucks the blood out, and I can feel it. Feel his teeth pressing into my skin. Feel their sharpness gently pressing through. Feel his lips softly curving around the wounded area. Feel his breath paint the skin with rasping strokes. He hmms and and I feel the vibrations, just barely, fluttering against my flesh.
The air in my lungs is crashing out of my throat in loud bursts, and I tilt my head a little more for him. One of his hands reaches out to cup the back of my neck and the other shifts a little to wrap around my waist. My eyes close and he just just swallows more, keeps pulling the blood out.

"Zero..." I just barely whisper, voice plainly showing my ecstasy.
He gently slides his teeth out of my neck, and turns me around to face him. His now violet eyes are half lidded. He looks at me for a long moment, and then gently slicks his tongue around his mouth to capture the blood currently leaking out the side of his mouth, on his lips.

"Now...Now we're even. Now we're both liable for death."

"...Why...Why did you...?" I stammer, confused. But he just smiles softly.

"Yuuki..." He presses me against his body, holds me tighter, but somehow still with an odd tenderness to it.

-------------------------------------------------Zero's P.O.V---------------------------------------------------
I pull her close, I've missed her. Damn it. She's supposed to be dead. I'm not supposed to care. And I wasn't supposed to drink her blood. Damn it. Damn it damn it DAMN it! Her breath is fluttering against my chest and...Last time I checked I didn't think things fluttered. Butterflies always smacked their wings through the air, and leaves just kind of flapped around in the wind. There was no fluttering involved.

So why. Why did I miss her so much? Why do I just want to hold her close? Why do I have to care so much? And when the fuck did I start thinking like some kind of poet? Why did she have to come back? Come back and ruin everything, turn me into some kind of feather-hearted vampire.

"You tried to replace me with Kaname." I state, trying to regain my anger. I let go of her and press her into the ground, climbing on top.
She just looks at me, eyes undecipherable, and replies calmly. "You just sucked my blood Zero. Again. And I never gave you permission. Why did you do that?"
I stare at her intently for a few minutes, then slowly lean back, removing some of my weight from her.

"You really want to know why?"
Her eyes narrow, but a flicker of nervousness burns through. "Yes. I do actually."

I stay silent for a long moment. "...Because I'm...I'm sick of trying to kill you Yuuki. Always. We're always fighting and obsessing now. We can't keep doing this. Trying to destroy each other...This isn't going to do anything."

"And what does this solve? Zero. So we've both got a bounty on our heads. So what?"

"...We can... be together..." I just whisper out, not really meaning to say anything, but realizing too late that I did say it out loud. Shit.
-----------------------------------------------Yuuki's P.O.V.---------------------------------------------------
My heart pounds in my chest. Together? Is that what he wants...I want...I want him. So much. Anything. I would do anything for Zero. I always have haven't I? Given up my blood as a human, trying to comfort him as best as I can. I...I need him. I need his blood. I need his love. If he won't love me, then I have to die. But if he does...

I swallow loudly and he refuses to look at me. "Zero..."
He climbs off and sits with his legs stretched out beside me. I sit up, wincing a little and try to look him in the eyes.

"Zero...this isn't working. We aren't saying what we really feel...what we really mean. I want...I want to tell you everything. I want us to be direct with eachother..." He slowly looks up as I talk, but I turn my gaze down to the hard cold floor beneath me.

"I...I want you Zero. Not just as my friend. But...I want your...blood." A part of my shudders a bit and throat smolders. "And you. I want you to love me. I need you to love me. If you can't do that... I just...I can't do this anymore Zero!" I flash my gaze up to his wide, glowing eyes.

"Love you? You want me to...love you...?" His voice shapes the word love like it's something...well...lovely. Like those violets, fragile flakes gently clasping a small bud. Gentle. Delicate.

"Yes...I...I love you Zero." I close me eyes, refuse to look at him. "And I need you. Just...tell me what's going to happen. I need to know. What are you going to do." I pause to take in a shuddering breath. "Kill me? Kiss me? Make up your mind? I need to know Zero...Because I just can't do this anymore."

Chapter 5

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