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Violet Ch.5 (Zeki)

 he he...so it's been about 3 months...oops. Well...Here's the next update. I haven't been in the Vampire Knight fandom for a while, which is why it's taking me so long. And I didn't really plan out how I wanted the story to end *is dumb* This is basically shameless, plot-less, romance. Kind of like Twilight. Except I don't get paid. And Twilight isn't really "romance". It's just delusional. So anyways...

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight, or its characters

Chapter 1
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Chapter 4

Silence. And not just any silence, mind you. Silence where you're scared to breathe, for fear that the world will fix you with the sharpest glare for breaking its serenity. Silence where you're scared to move, because you're worried it will shatter it. Silence where you can feel the slightest breeze, the charged energy permeating the air, and where you get an adrenaline rush just from the stillness. Silence.

-Zero's P.O.V.-

She wants me. I want her. What more is there to it really? It sounds so simple. So why does it feel so complicated? What is it about us, where we can both know everything, know all ulterior motives, know masked feeling that we fear to express...? Yet here we are. Getting next to nowhere and dancing around words and hiding behind hormones and ephemeral glances.

It's so simple really, just ignore the past. Ignore all the pain, all the lying for each other's sake (ridiculous), ignore all the wrong and focus on solely the good. But we're meant for each other! It's all so cheerful, on the outside.

"Zero..." She whispers, shyly. Sounding scared, hurt, and uncertain. And that's when it hits me(1), she feels just like I am. So what is there to fear?

-Yuuki's P.O.V.-

He lets out a soft sigh, and when he looks up at me, his eyes are inexplicably warm. I merely blink uncomprehendingly to him.

"Yuuki...You asked what I would do with you..." He trails off, his stare boring into my mind as he thinks.

He always did have this odd stare of his, when he was really thinking hard about something, he wouldn't look away. He would look you dead on in the eyes, as if he was wrenching out your soul and picking it apart piece by piece to see what would be most preferable for him to say.

"I want to kill you. I want to banish every thought of you that I've ever had from my mind so that I never have to lose myself to you."

I don't offer any sort of reply, so he continues

"I want to love you. I want to hold you. I want to touch your face, your warm human face. Not this despicable monster that you've become. This satanic beast that desires the blood of others. Demonic. That's what we are Yuuki. We'd better hope that there's no such thing as a hell, or a God, or a heaven, or an afterlife of any kind."

It takes me a moment to comprehend what these trails of ice flooding down my cheeks are. Saltwater trickles that itch and tremble along the curves of my face only to capture themselves on the tip of frown. But, before I can swipe them away vigorously, Zero takes a step towards me, so that we're pressed tentatively together, and brushes his finger underneath the hollow of my eye across to the side of my face, trapping the tears to my cheekbone.

We stand there for a moment, just breathing and staring at each other. His hand is cupping the side of my face ever so gently, and I can't help but tilt my head into it and continue to stare into his rounded, oddly thickly lashed, and amethyst eyes.

"But...I also want to kiss you. I want to touch and and to hold you and protect you from all the other evils in the world." His lips flicker to an almost smile, as close as Zero ever gets.

After a moment's hesitation, I ask "can I...?"

He looks amused. "Can you what?" Teasingly. Lightly. He knows exactly what I'm asking...

I huff out an embarrassed breath straight from my diaphragm, and then clarify, making sure to shift my gaze to the beige cement sidewalk beneath our feet(2).

"Can I drink you're blood?" My face is florid and I can't bare to look at him. He snorts out a soft laugh and whispers a soft "Yes" in my ear and tilts his head to the side to expose his neck.

My breath stops short for a moment, but it comes back as I curl my left arm around his body and push my fingers into the roots of his silver hair. I press my right hand to his chest and slide it up to dip my fingers into the grooves of his collarbone.

And then my lips connect to the soft tissue of his throat. Before I bite, I can feel his pulsating heartbeat ticking against my lips. And the smell. It's intoxicating and I don't even realize I've sank in my teeth until I can taste.

The taste. I suckle gently and the liquid splashes against my throat, coating it with a thick, sensory, and warm milk-like substance. It tastes like passion. It tastes like love. It tastes like desire. It tastes like the glowing warmth that hits you when you open an oven door. It tastes like Zero.

I let out a soft a groan and suck harder. The sound of his soft moan and the slight sound of his lips parting as he pushes the breath out of my lungs sends a white-hot searing feeling through me.

"Yuuki." A terrifying familiar voice calls out from behind me. Kaname.

(1)-Now if that isn't cliched...I don't know what is. Jesus.

(2)- Do they even have cement sidewalks? I don't even remember... I haven't seen the show or read to manga in so long, sorry if any of the characterization is off. They're just so overtly angsty, it's a little hard to write sometimes.

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